Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Found the cutest comforter set, sheets and lamps for our bedroom renovation.. Can't wait to post the pictures when it is finally complete..

I ended up going with a Margaret Muir Comforter set which I found at Marshall's (A swanky super clearanced outlet.. It is similar to this one but in shades of metallic grey, ocean blue and dark blue.

Came off my re-decorating high when I came home to a missed call from the Mattress Delivery Company.. Apparently, my mattress has grown legs and escaped from the delivery hub..!! It is G-O-N-E..

So we may be sleeping on the sofa and loveseat a little bit longer.. Needless to say... I HAVE NO appetite and won't be posting a delightful dinner tonight.

Hubby just requested a buffalo chicken sandwich for dinner because apparently he is s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g.. (Can't relate, I guess I lost my appetite when I spent 40 minutes on hold with the delivery company..

Lunch For Two?

THIS HUNGRY AND INTIMIDATING "Furry-licious" thing was staring at me as I put together a little lunch for myself... or should I say us??

My Bowl Included:
Heart to Heart Kashi Crackers
Baby Carrots

Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

Furrylicious Bowl Included-Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Day Disclaimer: I am now off to go find a few things for my new bedroom collection. I must find a new set of King Sized Sheets, Mattress Pad and a few new pillows. Also, my husband just called and said he wants to buy a new computer for me this evening since mine decided to be plaqued by computer demons a few nights ago....
Not sure which to buy since my heart has been dearly set on a new Sony Vaio. However, my husband thinks we should just get a Toshiba... To be continued..... I may lose the fight on this one~

Yogurt Tuesday

I am currently in the process of trying to switch over to a (.com).. As much as love Blogspot and its extremely easy formatting, I am finding that it lacks the capabilities I am looking for. However, in the process I plan to continue my food adventures on this site.

The morning came too early with the "Spring Ahead" time change and for some bizarre reason I was starving.. So before leaving to take the dog for a walk in the dark I had this..

Bluberry Oikos with some Oatmeal squares on top... This was ok but slightly dry with the oatmeal squares.. I hate to say this but ( I miss my Puffin Cereal) :(

NOTE TO SELF: Must pick up Barbara's Puffin Cereal during my normal grocery run. ( My Yogurt will thank me)