Friday, August 21, 2009

FIXINGS for a $4.00 Dollar Daily Savings

Today while taking my routine trip to the nearest coffee shop which shall remain nameless.. (as I am not wanting any lawsuits) ....HA

While waiting for the norm... An iced grande nonfat vanilla latte ..... I stumbled upon some evidence... Yes I know what you are thinking ???? What evidence Ashley???

Evidence of the missing latte syrups.... Which clearly separates the home making latte people from the $4.00+ dollar latte making people..

They do sell vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and a certainly delightful caramel sauce used for making that frothy caramel drink we all love... !!! Of course these products are stashed on the very bottom shelf facing the wall ( only to be un-noticed as though it may be midwest contraband) HAHA now if I could just get my hands on one of those new delonghi machines and I could save the debit card about $1200.00 dollars a yr...

Oatmeal Raisin Crazy Cookies for the MIL & FIL

Catching up on a few old posts... I guess you realize how much you have missed when you see all of your photos piling up without being posted.... :( .... Here are a few things that were used to make some delish homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.. P.S.... Hubby said they were extra delish because of my secret tip... But I shall share that only with my bloggers .........................
I soak the raisins overnight in ff milk so they maintain a juicy and delish texture.... Will Post pics of the final product in the Am....
Cascadian Farm Organics ~ Flax right Harvest Spice Crunchy Granola Bar

Rating ***** / 5 stars

Delish and crunchy with a fall like pumpkin-y essence if that is a word.. Strong resemblence to another crunchy granola bar I have purchased in the past without the "organic label" and minus the high fructose corn syrup..

Worth the try if you are looking for a little fall in your summer!


At 2 I realized I should probably make something to eat lunch since I had a light breakfast of yogo, cereal and some strawberries.. As I thought about sitting in my house during a beautifully light summer day... It dawned on me " take my pc, food, starbucks and my furbaby outside on the balcony for a little downtime..

Sorry about the bad picture... On my plate some scrambled lean turkey meat and some "great northern beans" ... Can't have a lunch without some seasoning

When I managed to get my rear out of bed this morning.... I had this for breakfast

Kashi Go Lean Cereal 1/2 cup of this delish blend

Chopped Organic Strawberries from the local farmers market

Organic vanilla yogo served in one of my coffee mugs for appeal

" Stop Drooling you know you want this "

On Food Blogger's Sabatical

Yeah, I know I have been away from my rather endearing food blog for awhile now.. What can I say " Spending my summer doing fun things outside seems to always occupy the very few chicago summer hours".

TA DA..........................Although I have been away on what I like to call my "Summer Food Bloggers Sabatical" I have a few things to report...

1. I am still following my new healthy lifestyle (leaving the word "DIET" exempt from this post

2. I did manage to get onto my bike a few times already which may mean that my $600.00 dollar madatory Trek Bike purchase was not in vain.

3. After a few trips to the grocery store, I am not able to shop with ease and am finally not considering some of the things I once would have put into my cart...

So with all things considered my goal within the next 2 months is simply to continue this healthy food journey as well as aquire a few additional followers to my blogging sanctuary... hehe