Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quiche Debate

The weekend went by toooooooo fast! I blinked and the Easter weekend was over :(

Sunday morning I was getting some things together for easter lunch at the MIL & FIL's place.. When John brought this up

Words in blue- Notes to self !

"You are not bring the (Kw-e-e-ch-e) with you to my parent's this year are you?"

~Digging a hole, digging~

I fire back with "Oh you mean my quiche? Yeah, of course I am bringing my quiche.. Why do you not like it or think it is good?"

"No, its ok but wait! Maybe it will be better this year since you are getting better at cooking eggs after lots of practice making breakfast for me.

~Still digging if you keep this up you may be buried~

"Fine than I won't bring it since you don't think it is good ok?"

"No, if you bring it maybe you could put some bacon in it or something. And then at least I will eat it"... No really I will eat it if you put bacon in it"

~Stop digging yourself a hole hubby you have already heart my quiche making ego~

And so it went like that Easter morning... And after picking my heart off the kitchen floor after about 3 minutes of egg pie insults I decided to make it anyways..

A delcious butter crust was made in the KA mixer... Using near a full cup of super chilled butter from the refridge.. Twas layed gracefully in a cute little tart pan..

Eggs were a crackin and a quiche was made against my hubby's will....And all was well with the world!


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