Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fun-Day

Is it morning already??? Sleep overcame me this morning and I didn't want to get out of bed.. But dog + might have to go potty outside = Carpet Disaster so I decided staying in bed until 7am was not an option..

This is the little fur-munchkin saying "Seriously can we go now paleeeezzzzzz"!

Dog went for a 10 minute walk before I realized I didn't exactly dress for the weather.. I thought it was spring people.... So why the heck was it 28 degrees this morning? brrrrrrrrrr

Trip to Starbucks for an iced venti nonfat latte and back home for a Oikos Parfait ( Oikos and Puffin Cereal) ....

Now I am off to mark some items off my to do list.. Cleaning, organizing and getting some gifts wrapped for the MIL's 58th birthday dinner tomorrow evening.. I need to get everything done so I can go to my new room, make some delish popcorn and watch the "The time travelers wife"


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