Monday, March 22, 2010

Pizza and New Paint

Finally, the room remodel is complete and I can have my life back... The last week included steaming the carpets, painting, selecting furniture, setting up furniture, buying a new comforter set and blah blah blah... And we are pretty happy with the end result !

Modern Blu-ish- Green-ish walls.. (Never thought I would ever paint a room in my home either of those colors but I likey like)

Hubby reused some older art work from the guest room because he has no idea I am having a photograph custom canvassed for him in secret :)

The only thing not pictured is my lovely "32 inch Sanity Tv" Which hubby bought for me so I won't complain when he takes over the living room during any {Sport Season}.. I think he secretly bought it for me because he is sick of all of the piss and moaning.. LOL

I needed some time away from the master bedroom for awhile during our project so I proceeded to the kitchen for some "Pizza Makin' Downtime" .. I rolled up my sleeves and got the kitchen aid ready for this .....Pizza Bianco crust...mmmmmmmmmmmm
Toppings for "Pizza Bianco" Leftover grilled chicken from the night before, sliced baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, tuscan olives... Basil and Or-e---ga----n--ooooo

Not pictured: Canned "Newman's Own Alfredo white sauce, S&P and some special pizza_ love..

Placed pizza on middle rack for exactly 14 minutes on 475 and I ended up with this beauty.. However, I don't think my peice of crap Kodak does it any justice.. This may be reason for me to to start researching a few Nikon's or Cannon's ... " I NEED A REAL CAMERA PEOPLE"


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