Thursday, February 25, 2010

Corazonas Heart Healthy Chips-Spicy Rio Habanero

Corazona's "Spicy Rio Haberno All Natural Chips" - Also called the "Devil Chip"

"Information was found on the back of the bag"

Corazona's are the ONLY chips made with Plant Sterols-natural ingredients found in fruits, vegetbales and other plants that help lower chilesterol. It's clincially proven!

"Snack until your heart's content"

Review: I was a little bit horrified by the taste, flavor and over-all idea of this chip. First off, when I cracked open the bag I nearly passed out in my kitchen because of the strong odor of hot habanero pepper seasoning. Next, when I finally bit into a chip I thought instantly that this chip may work because of its similar "Kettle Chip" like crunchiness.. BOY was I wrong!

These were disgusting......To say the least

The seasoning on the chip was horribly overpowering, The chip tasted sweet-from the plant sterols they infused and hellaciously hot from the haberno seasoning they used to cover up the nasty taste from the sterols.

I would not recommend these chips to any of my friends but not because I think they are just down right disgusting. But, because I figure if you are going to consume chips which should be eaten in moderation you should at least enjoy them. YUCKO!



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