Friday, January 29, 2010

Cristal Taste on a Michelob Income

Going back to the "ink people" today to return my cartridge and put it towards a new one :( I am not happy about this because I hate the fact that I waste plastic everytime the thing has to be replaced. And with the hubby in grad school that is every few weeks.. :( I miss my old lexmark printer (the one that allowed me to drop the empty cartridge off at Walgreens to be refilled for only $9 dollars).. I guess I now have a love/ hate relationship with Cannon!

After that, I am headed to the "Factory Card Outlet" to pick up about 12 birthday cards for upcoming birthdays in the next two months. For some bizarre reason, I have an insane obsession with all things" Stationary" ~cards, monograms, return address labels, gift wrap~ and the only way to keep from going broke is to seize any oppurtunity I may have to buy these items at a discount. ~ie 49 cent cards, 75% off wrapping paper after the date of a holiday.

Although, I would much rather shop at my favorite specialty paper shops in downtown Chicago such as (Papyrus) to order everything ....LOL ,, what can I say , I clearly have " Cristal taste on a Michelob income"

Will post my eats of the day and anymore desirable merchandise I may have purchased later!
Happy Shopping......<3


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