Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday...That's my fun day

Sunday mornings are suppose to be all about sleeping in and enjoying a hearty breakfast. However, this morning did not start out like that because........ just as I was about to take in another hour of "sweet sweet sunday sleep", I hear the rustling amongst the kitchen cabinets and the so familiar voice coming from our 42 inch flat screen tv. NO REST FOR the sleepyhead!! My hubby was up and so was Bay and I walked out of my room to find this-

My adorable Bailey sleeping on the corner of our sage colored couch looking at me wondering just why the heck I was out of bed so early on a darn Sunday morning. Is it possible to ask for a Sunday morning replay? Or do I have to wait until next week before I can have a do-over? Anyways, I realized my "REM sleep" had already been disrupted and it was far too late to consider crawling back into the warm bed that was quietly beckoning me to comeback.

And BTW..dosen't it appear that my dearest malshi seems to be sporting a rather modern looking mohawk?

All I have to say is that there better be an iced venti nonfat vanilla latte with my name on it because I could be a potential threat if I don't get some coffee in me ASAP>


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