Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Oh My Pumpkin Pie" OATS

I came home ravenous and decided to finish off leftover pumpkin pie spice oatmeal and a Peach Stonyfield Organic yogo....DELISH

I rode a total of 31 miles this weekend... I can't beleive that ..... I rode a total of 31 miles... This was a pic of my new trek pace tracker wireless ........... I <3 this

Well, I am trying my best to blog about everything I eat in addition to keeping track of it in my weight watchers pocket book.. After following many other health food bloggers I finally cracked this morning and decided to make the infamous PUMPKIN SPICE OATMEAL

I was a little unsure about mixing all of the ingredients together for this mixture

However, what I ended up with both suprised and delighted me

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

So in the pan went a few key ingrediants quick cooking oats, canned pumpkin, water

Pumpkin pie seasoning, ground flax seeds and some local honey

and I topped this delish substance with some skim milk (only because I have yet to purchase almond breeze because I am fearful of anything tasting like almonds. :(

I know feel satisfied after only one serving and see that a meal like this could very well be a fine and far more substitute for my fall like daily consumption of PSL "Pumpkin Spice Latte" which more health benefits.. Yippee,,,

Well I am off for a 20 mile bike ride this morning and will have every oppurtunity to burn off my carb loading splendor! Happy Oats!


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