Thursday, February 4, 2010

A List of Mention-ables

I have been away from blogging the last few days because of some recent things going on.

My 27th birthday-which was the first birthday I refused to have my official number iced on the cake.

Day Away with the Hub's- entailed hanging out at a "fly-fishing expo" with a bunch of white collar men who had little to no sense of humor..

Two days being grounded to my office while preparing our 2009 taxes-minus the $300.00 accounting fee we always get charged when we decide to allow another seasonal/unprepared worker to do them for us.

Selecting, packaging and shipping a new "GLUTEN FREE LIFESTYLE CARE PACKAGE" for my mother who recently was diagnosed with Celiac's disease. *more on that later*

A new gym/assessment/routine applied for the upcoming year.

I have laid out all of my excuses.....and shall elaborate later when I have time to fully analyze the list I have prepared for myself.


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