Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, My name is Ashley and I am a Latte-A-Holic

Up at 5am while the sun is still sleeping.... Hubby is showering and getting ready for work and I need some motivation to stay out of my bed as soon as he walks out of the door.

One thing and One thing only could keep me
from retiring to my berkshire blankets..

Breakfast of Champions

Starbuck's Venti Nonfat Vanilla Latte

Made a run for some coffee this morning and returned home to check a few emails and catch up on a few blogs... Then my sweet tooth emerged and with a vengence.. ( I knew I should have ordered a slice of RF berry coffee cake at sbux) So I went to the kitchen and found this in the "wayback" of my fridge..

Stonyfield { Chocolate Underground Vanilla and Chocolate Yogurt}

This was sweeter than other yogo's I have consumed by this brand, but in this case of extreme sweet tooth craving hit the spot.. (please excuse the various ugly office decore-including the golf ball rack).


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