Friday, March 19, 2010

Crusty, Cheesy and Pleasy

Mattress is finally set to be delivered this morning... YAY!! We will see if it actually arrives or if they do something stupid again! Up early because sleeping is out of the question when you have a mattress being delivered and the excitement is overwhelming.

Made some delish Crusty Parma Potatoes with our honey mustard chicken bites. So I decided to "nuke" a few in the microwave this morning for breakfast.

Pic was taken lastnight but is still highly drool-worthy! Crusty, Cheesey and Pleasy~

Someone had a trip to the dog Spa Yesterday for a little TLC.. They always do such a wonderful job and sometimes I am truly envious.. (Her hair may just look better than mine) ... Isn't she cute?

This picture was taken yesterday but the {bow} didn't last long.. Because 6'3 burly husband's don't look so attractive walking frou frou malshi's.. This paired with our pink leash may have all of my neighbors questioning his orientation....!!
I am Gym'd, Showered and Coffee'd and ready to set up my new bedroom this evening.. Pics should be posted tonight if anyone may care about my new bedroom domain..


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