Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint Paint Paint Paint..................Up early this morning to take on a major and I mean "Major" Painting project.... My formally Terracotta Red room is now a tranquil "Cafe Latte"..

I realized very early that I couldn't spend my afternoon here watching endless hours of lifetime in bed watching my new bedroom tv... But that I needed to get my rear in gear and getta' paintin'.....
Painting was on the brain but apparently so was dressing our lil Bailey up in a totally "ridic" easter custom and taking 41 pictures of her in this exact pose. Snapfish here I come!

41 pictures of a dog sitting in a totally absurd position was enough Easter-ly type of moment for me so I headed to the kitchen to put out a light breakfast for the cleaning crew which was soon to arrive.. Cleaning crew meaning cheap labor my MIL & FIL..

Not the healthiest spread in the word but sure to fight off the hunger pangs.. (Cheese Danish and some Yogi Granola and Freshly brewed Almond-Vanilla Decaf Coffee ala' Agave Nectar).

Waiting for the laborers to arrive I checked a few emails on my new fan-ta-ba-loso HP Pavillion computer the hubby just bought me. No emails get checked in this house without a DD iced latte.
But the break didn't last long because I had a variety of neutrals painted on my living room wall and had to get started painting before the hubby arrived home and decided he wanted to change his mind about the color again..

Too bad hubby - I chose the second color on the bottom (CL) and its here to stay.. More pics to come..


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