Thursday, April 1, 2010


Made breakfast for the still sick hubby.. I figured fluffy pancakes with 4 differant toppings would surely beat the stomach blah's...

Wondering why when you are trying to make pancakes the same things always seem to happen.. You add butter to the skillet and it always burns, you drop your measuring cup into the batter about 1,000 times.. And when you finally get a peice of pancake in your mouth you inevitably ask yourself why the heck you don't make them more often!

Normal pancake toppings around our home....Sugar free maple syrup, Blackberry Syrup, Blueberry syrup and Agave Nectar...

Trying to get some things rearranged on this blog today.. Even thinking about moving to Wordpress.....So please excuse the current condition of this site! It should be improved in the next week!


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