Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 Yr Anniversary gift that keeps on GIVING

Excuse the Mess- My hubby's fishing stuff abounds

On Friday will be our 3yr wedding anniversary and I will not be receiving a gift ! Because my sweet hubby already bought me "THIS" a 2009 Trek Hybrid Bike with all of the bells and whistles.. The funny thing is when I thought about a bike I just thought I could wander into any ol' store and buy one for a few hundred dollars.... "Oh no !" It seems there is alot more to look for when purchasing a bike ...

Here were a few things my hubby told me to consider

The height and profile of the cross bar as I am 5'1

The componentry such as (gear shifters, tires, seat ect)


Wheels & Pump

*he even mentioned to consider regulating your pedal stroke* This was all from a man who takes biking seriously and is more into serious "manly roadbiking" than just riding to the breeze.

So needless to say, I did get the bike of my dreams and am soo happy I listen to his recomendations.

Thanks Hubby <3

And YES I will be taking this out for a ride tonight

The Baking Continues ..... PUMPKIN......mmmmm

Woke up this morning with a baking bug..... BAKE BAKE BAKE.... This better mean that I am getting on my bike tonight for at least a 1 hour... My stomach aches of the thought of counting all of the calories I have consumed while mixing a little bit of this and a little bit of that..

To be continued........................................................recipe for this delish and moist pun-kin- bread as my younger neice calls it!! But for now I will post a picture to make all 4 of my bloggers salivate!

Baking For the Birthday

Today I BAKEd
My hubby requested a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday and since I am soooo against store bought cakes (simply because I think when you buy a cake from the grocery who knows what could be in it)... So I decided to make a 3 layer chocolate mousse / traditional german chocolate filling cake...

3 1/3 hours later............the cake was complete and so was my excitement for him to see it on Friday.. Now if I could just figure out where to stash this darn thing..

Notice the Bears Helmet on the top.... "what can I say we live in Chicago and should you be suprised we are avid Bears Fans"