Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinner for 1 ...............a lonely one

Hubby is running late because he decided to play in a work golf outing :(..... I guess this means "I" have full reign of the dinner selection.. After glancing into my pantry I noticed a small casualty left from a previous meal " GREAT NORTHERN BEANS" and suddenly I was struck with some sort of health food empowerment that made me think ' BIG ASS SALAD" taken from "Embracing Balance Blog" I guess all of the time watching her make such delish salads has made me think I should also try to make my own "big ass salad ashley style"

So my salad included
Leftover mixed salad with Iceberg lettuce "which is leftover"
Salad Disclaimer*normally I would only be eating mixed greens, romaine, italian mix*
Black Olives
Soy mixed Cheese
Whole Wheat Pita - which I grilled with FF olive spray
Great Northern Beans which I sauteed with some seasonings
This was soo filling I actually wasn't able to eat the entire thing

Struck by the hungry bug

We made it to starbucks and I ordered my typical Iced Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte and I received a Iced Grande "FULL FAT" Vanilla Latte..... Thats ok at least Sbux has switch its traditional milk lattes from Whole Milk to less fatty 2% .... I sipped my latte in the car and crunched on one of my fav Kashi Caramel Chocolate Bar

MONDAY ....I want me some CARBS!

Ok...... ok.... So as of now I have "2" followers... I had orginally thought I would have far more than 2 follower/ bloggers by now.. but that won't change the fact that I have enjoyed blogging about my daily summer eats...

So this morning as I was leaving to run a few errands, my doggie slowly made her way to the front door when she overheard me telling my husband on the phone that I was leaving to do a sbux run.. "Yes my 4 1/2 yr old lil pup fully understands coffee lingo and as most people would say that dogs are like their owners I truly can't say I am suprised. So instead of my originally planned trip to cage the dog and do a few errands, I gave in and took the puppy with me..

On the way to Starbucks "Miss Bailey" decided she wanted to investigate outside of the Camry for a bit.... weeeeeeeeee