Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Coffee Romance Novel

Casi Cielo- "oh how I love your rich taste and well rounded appeal, you tickle my tongue with an elegantly smooth kiss" You accentuate my half n half creamer and sometimes my Starbuck's vanilla syrup almost as well as my daily "Iced vanilla nonfat vanilla latte" ...

I will forever, as long as you shall remain in production look forward to the months of January-February when I can purchase your modernly wrapped 1 pound bag for $12.95..Take you home and throw you gracefully into my cuisanart bean grinder and sip you strategically while dipping my almond "Nonni's" vanilla biscotti in you.

~A kiss of Cielo- Now on sbux shelves near you~LOL

Fallen off the Bandwagon

I didn't post yesterday as I had intended too.. While cleaning out my junk drawer I found my weight watchers food journal and very sadly realized the last dated entry ( December 3rd, 2009).

It has been that long since I have tracked, followed or complied with my so called New and Improved lifestyle and I am not happy about it .

So this morning, after seeing a post on a fellow Weight Watcher Genius "HEATHERs" ... I realized I am guilty of the following excuses...

*Failure to comply with mandated ww journaling
*Decreased enthusiasm for the ww program
*Lack of motivation to excersize
*Continious excuses for "not weighing or using measuring cups to ensure portion control"
*Lack luster approach to overall goal attainment "stop eating junk, follow plan, increase fitness"
This was all prompted by the creation of her video which goes on to talk about what has helped her stay on plan. I am not going to outline her video and if you want to see it you will have to take yourself directly to her site!~
Today is my wake up call... I haven't been honest with myself for a very long time about this journey I started pre-summer of last year. NO MORE EXCUSES!! The holiday's are officially over and even though I used the term "holiday eating" as inappropriate verbage for my lack of accountability.. The buck must stop here~