Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Sensation

Found the cutest gladiator sandles yesterday at the Maxx.. I screamed for joy when I put them on my feet and not only were they highly a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e but they were super comfy!

I needed something slightly more metallic in my wardrobe since I always just wear seem to throw on the usual suspects. ~brown, black or grey~ sandles and this summer I figured a change was in order.. Who knew it would come at a $24.99 pair of Impo's...

While fixin' up the sandles for their photo shoot.. I glanced over to find the uber spoiled fur butt pouting on the couch... "Do you want to go for a walk?"... And that same little fur butt went darting to the front door..

And it was soooo... walked, sniffed, pranced and allowed her hair to gently blow in the spring breeze.. And all was well with the world!

A trip to the coffee store made mommy happy as well! Iced Lattes on a warm spring morning seem to always have the same effect on me.. Pure Bliss.. Had to couple the iced latte with one of my homemade bluberry streusel muffins I made for the hubby's fishing trip this morning,,, But carefully stowed away for my own private consumption..
MMMMM... look at those crumbles... They taste as good as they look, trust me!

And so at the end of the morning, the dog was happy, I was happy and the latte was happy to be paired along side such a hottie!

And now comes the fun part... Doing my dishes, laundry and the rest of my maid-ly duties! And maybe just maybe the trek might make it's springtime appearance this evening...


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