Friday, August 21, 2009

On Food Blogger's Sabatical

Yeah, I know I have been away from my rather endearing food blog for awhile now.. What can I say " Spending my summer doing fun things outside seems to always occupy the very few chicago summer hours".

TA DA..........................Although I have been away on what I like to call my "Summer Food Bloggers Sabatical" I have a few things to report...

1. I am still following my new healthy lifestyle (leaving the word "DIET" exempt from this post

2. I did manage to get onto my bike a few times already which may mean that my $600.00 dollar madatory Trek Bike purchase was not in vain.

3. After a few trips to the grocery store, I am not able to shop with ease and am finally not considering some of the things I once would have put into my cart...

So with all things considered my goal within the next 2 months is simply to continue this healthy food journey as well as aquire a few additional followers to my blogging sanctuary... hehe


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