Monday, June 29, 2009

Ok ... So today went well sticking to the plan. I am posting my meals today below just to show you some of the things I ate today.. I had class tonight but prepared for it by packing my lunch this morning so I could just grab it and head out of the door at 5 pm.


Starbucks Latte
1cup egg beater omelet with veggies

2 slices of healthy life low calorie bread
1 tablespoon Better n peanut butter spread
1 tablespoon low sugar apricot spread
No sugar Iced Tea

100 calorie oreo bar - which was 2 pts but well worth it
half of my apple sliced

Chipotle chicken wrap with low calorie wrap
sliced onions & green peppers

1 coffee with fat free hazelnut cream`

So I think it is important to mention that I had a huge craving at school tonight but avoided the vending machines entirely. Instead, I snacked on my pre sliced apple slices and oreo bar..

Below please find a picture of my sandwich fixings



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